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I loved this movie. To be fair, I have always loved Wonder Woman.

But as far as I am concerned, it did. Big time. But the moment that hit me was the moment she turned away from the men and took her hair down. It was the first thing she did to get ready to step into her power. It is yours. She is bad-ass and feminine, and in that moment she is so done with trying to be what fits into that socially-accepted, male world of London and war—because she knows the only way to be who she is is to BE WHO SHE IS.

Fully; all of it; for reals.

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Your way is completely unacceptable for me. Man, do I love this. I think I actually jumped up and down in my movie seat when it happened. Both times. And I probably will again. So — how does this relate to writing?

Stop listening to everyone else who tells you they know what you should be or do or write, and just remember who you are and what you love. Stop trying to be like them. And the thing is, when we each do this, when we decide to actually be who we actually are, suddenly everyone around us is brave enough to do it, too. Reclaim who you are. Take your hair down. You can and probably want to do it kindly, with great love. Stepping onto the field to fight is completely secondary. Get good enough and your platform will find you, as long as you put yourself out there.

But first, take your hair down. Then, do the art. Do the art. If you are highly sensitive and everyone tells you to toughen up or get realistic—ignore them. This is your superpower. It lets you understand on an incredibly insightful level how other people might feel, which means you have an unparalleled opportunity to both write something meaningful and to help others.

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Serve it your best booze. Take your hair down so you can do what you need to do. Yes, I know. Man, do I know. Everyone seems to like snark and wit so much more than sincerity and joy. But that cynicism is just smoke and mirrors to make you doubt what you know to be true. Let happiness creep into your words.

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Take your hair down and stop trying to fit in when you have something so different to offer, something so desperately needed. Because nothing is more inspiring that someone who is clearly and unabashedly who they are…no matter how beautiful that is. And the first novel I ever sold was one that felt like only I could write. Coming from you particularly, Martha, this means so much to me, because I so admire you as a human and a writer!

That was the best guidance for writing that book I ever could have chosen.

I'm Not Wonder Woman, But God Made Me Wonderful!

I saw Wonder Woman just last night. I am still reeling. That courageous Wonder Woman in my soul haunted my dreams all night shouting at me, weeping of loneliness and frustration. She has taken down her hair.

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She has crowned herself as me. Oh oh oh! This is so gorgeous. So, so gorgeous.

Wonder Woman Is Not a Sequel, According to Patty Jenkins | Vanity Fair

With everything you already bring to the world, I can only imagine the beauty and meaning you will keep bringing now! I love this! Thanks so much for this, from your introverted, highly sensitive friend with barely enough hair to let out. You are so wonderful. I think continuing to do your work when met with buts and blank stares is one of the harder things about this life, and few things take as much courage as continuing to do what only you can do in your own voice. I love your authentic writing, and your authentic YOU, so much! Also, that last line may be one of my favorite things ever!!!

The Ascent

Whether in elegant civilian attire or in battle gear, she actually looks like she can take on the baddies and rescue those squabbling superheroes. She's got armor that speaks of her ancient origins, weapons that actually look deadly, and a hooded cloak for extra mystery.

Thanks to the release of Wonder Woman in , we can enjoy a new era in Wonder Woman Halloween costumes and Comic-Con cosplay, of course. Here are all the elements you'll need to transform yourself into the fierce Amazonian, with options for buying, minor DIY-ing, and highly skilled crafting, from head to toe.

Need more costume ideas for Halloween? Looking for spooky and amazing makeup inspiration? Chat with us on Facebook Messenger! It seemed like Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid were finally on track to becoming best friends what? It happened in John Tucker Must Die , but a new developme.

No more photos of Ryan Reynolds. Thanks to rumored girlfriend Kaia Gerber, Pete Davidson may have celebrated his 26th birthday with something sweet. Gerber was seen picking up baked. According to Instagram, Aaron is currently at Ascens.