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  1. The smiley face emoji has a “dark side,” researchers have found
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In addition, researchers also studied people who said that they had experienced physical effects from encounters with the objects and examined them for physiological changes. The straightforward presentation of these assertions implies that the authors believe them to be true. But they beg for elaboration.

The smiley face emoji has a “dark side,” researchers have found

Were the produced documents credible? In what way were the buildings modified, and why was it necessary to modify them in order to store this material?

An Alien Abduction Therapist Explains Extraterrestrial Encounters

What does it mean for an object to be associated with a phenomenon? What were the claimed physical effects, and were any physiological changes found? Making portentous assertions out of context is a powerful technique for creating a sense of mystery and drama. Leaving a question unanswered implies that it is unanswerable. Selectively omitting key details can make a mundane fact seem uncanny.

The main article is decidedly short on specifics. While en route to a training mission he was vectored toward an unknown radar contact. Arriving on the scene, he witnessed a lozenge-shaped craft that moved over an agitated, churning patch of ocean, then moved so quickly that it appeared to defy physics. Embedded in the sidebar is a second-long video that is described as having been taken during the encounter.

It shows a fuzzy dot in the center of an infrared-camera monitor that, when zoomed in on, appears lozenge-shaped. There are no visual clues such as clouds or sea, so it is impossible to gauge distance or relative motion. Near the end, the object ducks away to the left. Neither the story nor the video are new, however.

Both have been kicking around the internet for some time. Elizondo in a nondescript Washington hotel where he sat with his back to the wall, keeping an eye on the door. And what, exactly, did Elizondo uncover during his five years heading a semi-secret arm of the Pentagon investigating possible extraterrestrial visitations? Michigan Rep.

Best Dystopian Books

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Among the explanations for the recurrence of the myth are the traces of previous white men from the disputed Irish monks of the 9th century to the Vikings of the 11th century: invaders with a distinctive technology. In the 16 th century, Cabeza de Vaca with three other Spaniards, shipwrecked on the coast of Florida; as the sole survivors of a larger expedition, they began a long trek inland, believing erroneously that the shortest way to a Spanish settlement would be to reach the Pacific.

Their journey took eight years, and they survived by acting as shamans or healers among the tribes they met. Another more controversial myth of the second half of the 20th century was the existence of a previous visit of the earth by extraterrestrial beings who had left mysterious traces of their passage on earth such as the Nazca Lines possible runways?

Pattern 2: The Natives misunderstand the newcomers General Casey, the African-American peace-loving general, advances to welcome the Martian ambassador and is immediately confronted with a communication problem. In his verbal response, the Martian ambassador quacks like a duck. The translating computer is not working properly, and at first no coherent translation comes out. In the history of conquest, communication was obviously difficult in the beginning. While some signs were self-evident in an iconic way, most of them were symbols devoid of direct meaning rendering cross-cultural communication difficult, a frequent feature in Mars Attacks!

Silver and Miller Occurrences of such readings have been attested in what is now the United States Rabasa The Martian ambassador, with his untranslated discourse, is reminiscent of this same pattern. Christopher Columbus was greeted on Guanahani by an Arawak tribe, peaceful and curious natives who had never seen a seagoing vessel larger than a canoe. The very first contact between Europeans and New World tribes was often peaceful. Europeans expecting savages to be awed by their technical superiority as well as by their willingness to share the Christian religion, and the Natives believing that in the absence of a threatening gesture the contact would be friendly.

Christopher Columbus writes about meeting the Natives: So that they may feel great friendship for us, and because I knew that they were a people who would be better delivered and converted to our Holy Faith by love than by force, I gave to some of them red caps and glass bells which they put round their necks, and many other things of little value, in which they took much pleasure, and they remained so friendly to us that it was wonderful… Afterwards they came swimming to the ship's boats where we were.

And they brought us parrots and cotton-thread in skeins, and javelins and many other things. And they bartered them with us for other things, which we gave them, such as little glass beads and little bells. In short, they took everything, and gave of what they had with good will Hale. As soon as it became known among the Natives that a powerful and dangerous people had arrived from the east, populations fled.

When the Spaniards conquered North America from the south, they could tell whether their reputation had reached the tribes they were about to meet; if the population had fled, they knew Spanish slave raiders had visited the area before. The desert scene of Mars Attacks!

Pattern 4: Peace is short-lived and bloodshed ensues The white dove released by the hippy flutters towards the Martians. The Ambassador, for reasons that remain unclear to the viewer, disrupts this victorious moment by shooting down the dove and then promptly annihilating General Casey; in the chaos which follows, the aliens and the Army open fire on each other while the crowd and the media scatter in panic. Although Mars Attacks! During the first decades of Spanish rule, in the Caribbean Islands and later on the mainland, the conquerors did not consider native life to have any value other than economic and, in order to profit from it, their civilization had first to be broken and the inhabitants enslaved.

The massacres reported from Spanish sources — and in rare instances from native sources — describe abominable slaughter scenes. He was ordained as a priest, became chaplain of the conquistadors, and later bishop of Chiapas, and would become the writer of the greatest accusations ever proffered against a colonial system.

Martian Microbes

His narrative can be seen as a blueprint for the attack scene of the Martians. In , on an expedition to Cuba he escorted a troop of mounted Spaniards entering the village of Caonao. The villagers, awed and frightened by the horses, were curious bystanders when, inexplicably, one of the horsemen went berserk and started to slash at them wildly. In the 16th century, Indians were frequently classified in the same category as insects and snakes, a form of life arising spontaneously from the soil, or as soulless humanoids, born slaves according to Aristotelian theory Pagden Las Casas, believing in the perfectibility of Indians, claimed they had a right to Christian instruction; he became their defender, devoting his life to their protection.

His accusatory Very Brief Relation is filled with page after page of testimonies of massacres. The brutal events are presented in a generic way, the places and casualties described in detail but the perpetrators are not named except by their official title as governors, captains, officers. It is surprising to see the spirit of Las Casas in the Martian landing. British colonization of the 17th and 18th centuries never had the genocidal character of the first wave of Spanish conquest.

Contrary to popular imagery, the policies that were most destructive of indianness were not wars but laws, especially in the 19th century; the lawmaker, not the army, implemented the extermination of the Natives. The Dawes Act and the Termination Policy, for example, did not entail bloodshed but destroyed Indians as effectively as wholesale massacres. Compared to the legal destruction of Indians and to the genocide of the first contact, American massacres, as atrocious as they were, remain rather marginal and limited in scope.

In the 19th century, they were mostly the work of overzealous officers or volunteers, colonel Chivington at Sand Creek , Indian casualties while the warriors were absent , the citizens of Tucson, Arizona at Camp Grant , Apache men, women, and children massacred. As mentioned in the general introduction, the invasion theme is a staple of the science fiction genre, and from H. It is only in the period of historical revision that American science fiction reflects on the meaning of Otherness and American attitudes toward the racial Other. Such counter-cultural versions of the invasion theme are primarily to be found in feminist science fiction of the ss, in novels like Ursula K.